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‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I write and I understand.’
Chinese Proverb.

My background with writing

I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember, turning to it to make sense of life, to offload and as a way of exploring other ways of seeing things. Communicating in writing is vital to me. Although I have written articles and longer pieces for publication, it is the act of writing, the work of creating new understanding through words that I love most.

I have an MA in Creative Non Fiction and my experience working with therapeutic writing, both for myself and as a counsellor and psychotherapist with others has been that writing can be illuminating, inspiring and empowering. It is also fun, energizing, challenging and often leads to unexpected places.

I offer individual and group sessions in Stroud on therapeutic writing.

Benefits of therapeutic writing

Writing is not just enjoyable. Writing has been found to help people to recover from trauma, problems with mood and even some physical issues.

As you write you find that you begin to have a different approach to your problems. You reflect, process and gain a new sense of perspective. This is empowering and can lead to improvements in your mental health.

Writing is a feature of many Recovery programmes in the UK. Many Macmillan and Maggies Cancer Support centres include a writing for wellbeing class.

Self help is a key benefit of writing. All you need is a pen and a notebook and time. It’s free and you are the expert. Writing groups can be a wonderful way of progressing your writing and working together with other people can be very supportive and inspiring. But sometimes personal sessions can be helpful.

How individual support can help with your therapeutic writing

  • You might want to really explore your world through writing and experiment with different writing tools that challenge you. If this is the case then you might not want to share such personal things in a group. Writing sessions with me will support your process. We can work psychologically with what is coming up for you in your writing.
  • Trauma and Writing: If you are using writing to process traumatic experience, new insights are likely to emerge that are painful and difficult. We can use your writing as an integral part of therapy, enabling you to go further into processing and healing these memories.
  • Journaling: I can help you to take your journal further with exercises, feedback, and therapeutic work on the issues that arise for you in your writing.
  • Life writing on issues that arise from your writing practice. At certain times of life – bereavement, illness, transition for example – it can be very helpful to set aside time to speak and then write your story. I will support you in this process and work with you around issues that may arise.

How the sessions work

Working with therapeutic writing will mean that the pattern of our sessions will be guided by you. It might be that you would like a series of weekly sessions to kick start a writing process or you may feel that you would like to meet less often. At our initial session we will discuss these options.

Memories of childhood reading

I have a special interest in children’s stories.

I offer individual and group sessions taking memories of stories that were important to you as a child and which live on in your imagination. We explore what they meant to you and go on to create new stories: life writing based on these stories. This series of three sessions can be surprisingly powerful and lead to new understandings about patterns stretching back to early childhood. They are fun, illuminating and empowering and can provide a kick start for your creative writing.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me please call or leave a message on 07733 276854, or get in touch by email using my secure online contact form.

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